Commercial Landscape Services

Whether you lease two or three rooms in a small commercial building or own your own free standing building, or lease or own a business campus comprised of many different  structures, a retail store or a shopping center, you know that the way the landscape is established and maintained speaks volumes to everyone who comes to visit.  To deny this fact cedes an automatic advantage to your competitor who understands that looks do matter and insists that his site is properly landscaped and maintained to help create a good first impression on buyers, sellers, and employees making them proud to say they are associated with the business.

Landscape Creations can design and install a new landscape or renovate an older out of date landscape that will show your sensitivity towards the environment as you make your business sites as attractive and appealing as possible to the environmentally conscious consumer.  Once the decision is made and implemented to enhance the image of your property with new landscape developments, Landscape Creations can continue to assist you by providing our Landscape Maintenance Service Performed by our trained technicians,  protecting your investment and sustaining your image in the market place.  Our Landscape Maintenance Services are all inclusive:

•  Mowing and trimming
•  Pruning
•  Fertilization
•  Insect & disease,  control and eradication
•  Plant bed and turf herbicides
•  Mulching
•  Seasonal color rotations

Landscape Creations will write a set of specifications for the care of your property which can be adjusted if necessary to address a specific condition or circumstance unique to a specific property.  A visit to the offices of Landscape Creations will show you that we practice what we preach.