Custom Landscape Design and Build

There are as many recipes for how to practice Landscape Design/Build as there are practitioners. Unlike most who try to make the process unnecessarily complicated, Landscape Creations strives to keep things simple, just extremely thorough. When you are ready to pursue a change or addition to your landscape environment give us a call. We will make an initial visit, at no charge, to the site to learn more about the project you are contemplating, study the site features and suggest some possible options for development for you to consider as we move forward in achieving a mutually successful relationship between the client and Landscape Creations, leading to the first step in the Design/Build process.

The Process

Your Input
Our Expertise
Comprehensive Master Plan
Initial Site Preparation
Project Construction
Material Installation
Quality Assurance
Maintenance Plan
Seasonal Rotations
Annual Maintenance


The process begins with the production of a Comprehensive Master Plan for the landscape development of the property.  The landscape environments that Landscape Creations designs and installs are unique because each one is personalized by incorporating the clients’ ideas with our design, horticultural,  and construction expertise to create a Comprehensive Master Plan that will:

• Offer the best options for solving any site problems such as grading and drainage (etc.)
• Allow the client to realize personal goals
• Help to create the specific image the client wishes to project
• Help to avoid costly mistakes during the construction phase

The designers, using plants; natural materials; manmade, manufactured and custom built items employ the Principles and Elements of Design: balance, scale, repetition, contrast, continuity, color, texture and form in much the same way as an artist applies paint to a canvas, to create pleasing, harmonious landscape environments that will always be well thought out so that construction and maintenance costs can be minimized and potential future problems can be avoided. 

Build –  

Build-   the Design/Build process continues with the construction and installation of the plan features, Landscape Creations Inc., a Tennessee Licensed General Contractor #37220 is prepared to be your single-source provider.  Landscape Creations employs or has access to the finest plantscapers, hardscapers, and tradesmen that the area has to offer.  We purchase the plant and hard materials from the most reputable growers and suppliers across the Southeastern United States. 

“We never settle for second best and we never expect our customers to either.  Personal attention and service are hallmarks of Landscape Creations, Inc.”

Maintenance –  

The on-going final step of the Design/Build process is the development of a maintenance program customized to your specific needs. 

Programs are available for maintenance visits:
• Weekly
• Bi-Monthly
• Monthly
• Quarterly

Scheduled programs include the care and repair of:

• Plants
• Plant Beds
• Turf
• Irrigation Systems
• Landscape Light Systems
• Extra visits to address seasonal or special events

Our Goal –  

Our Goal-  is to be your Go To” source for all things landscape related, from conceptual design to completed construction to on-going maintenance.  We will provide multiple options and help you pick the best combination to achieve your goals.

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