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Design and Installation

Simply stated, having a correctly designed and installed irrigation system is the only practical way to ensure that the plant material in your landscape environment will consistently receive the proper amount of water to remain healthy, much less thrive.

Correctly-Practical-Insure- Consistently –Proper- Irrigation systems designed and installed by Landscape Creations are built around these five words utilizing the latest technology to accomplish the task. 

Repair & Maintenance

Like any mechanical system, irrigation systems require periodic maintenance and repair.  Whether it’s a system we initially installed or not, our irrigation technicians are trained to quickly recognize the most common potential problems and how to effectively deal with them.  For more complex problems our technicians rely on diagnostic equipment that they have been taught to use to find the proper solution for a problem.  Certified Backflow Inspection, state and local Building Codes now require all irrigation systems to have a Backflow Preventer, a device that prohibits ground water from being siphoned in reverse through the system, re-entering and contaminating the potable water supply.  The code further requires that these devices be inspected yearly by a Certified Backflow Tester who completes and signs the paperwork indicating the various test results and actions taken to correct any deficiencies that are found.  The completed report must then be signed by the property owner and returned to the Cross-Connection Board.  Landscape Creations Certified Backflow Testers will assume the responsibility of getting reports returned as part of our backflow testing service.

Seasonal Opening & Closing of System

In order to prevent freeze damage to the system, especially the backflow device, it is necessary that systems be shut down and winterized prior to arrival of freezing weather, a process that involves partial disassembly of the backflow to prohibit breakage due to freezing and using compressed air to blow water out of the water lines, heads and valves.  In the late spring, we return to reconnect and open the system.  As part of this service the system will be checked for any missing or damaged heads, water line cracks, cut electrical wire running to valves or other problems that may have occurred during the shutdown period.  Head adjustments, for proper coverage, will be made at this time.  For those who subscribe to our irrigation system open & shutdown operations, the required backflow certification is included at no additional cost when performed during the system reopening.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Landscape Lighting

Lighting by definition is illumination.  Landscape Lighting, by design, is special effects by specialized illumination.  The first step, determine the need for illumination, functional, aesthetic, or both.  The second step, decide on the source(s) of light that will best provide the needed illumination.  The third step, choose the proper type fixtures and bulbs: down lights, up lights, back lights, path lights, pond lights, and specialty lights to deliver the desired type illumination.

Sounds simple until you realize all the technical elements that must be addressed ie, bulb wattage vs. transformer capacity, a voltage drop in cable runs, and halogen vs. LED bulbs among others to support the system as designed. 

Five keywords for Landscape Light Design

• See
• Showcase
• Subtle
• Spotlight
• Security

The Landscape Light Systems we design to meet all the criteria we’ve discussed and are planned to allow changes as plantings grow and illumination needs change without having to start over. Not only will your landscape light system increase the time you will be able to enjoy your beautifully landscaped environment but it will also enhance the security of your home and property.

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Sprinkler by R. Vore via Attribution Engine. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND.