“The use of water as a design element dates back to ancient civilizations. It has always been treasured not just for its life sustaining qualities, but as a captivating visual and auditory element that can excite and soothe the spirit with the sound of a trickling, bubbling stream or the roar of a plummeting waterfall.”

–Stephen M. Blair, owner of Landscape Creations, Inc.

Swimming Pools & Waterfalls

With access to an incredible variety of stone boulders in a large color range, multiple sizes and shapes, we can design the perfect pool waterfall or other pool related features to compliment the overall design.  The art and science of successfully taming flowing water to create a specific look or suggest a mood requires ample portions of patience, study, and practice.  To short change any of the portions just about guarantees second best results because the stone boulders have to be set and mortared in place before the water can be observed flowing over them.

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